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Old Sol Enterprises LLC is a family run business that endeavors to promote sustainability and the environment at large. In an effort to achieve these goals, Old Sol works to implement concepts including organic farming practices, permaculture, Integrated Pest Management, profitable habitat restoration, and other innovative farming practices.


2024 Queen Pricing Structure

Quantity Survivor Stock Caucasian
1 - 9 $48 each $75 each
10 - 25 $43 each $67.50 each
26 - 50 $39 each $62.50 each
51 - 100 $35.50 each $52.50 each
101 + $32 each $36.50 each


Premium Select Queens

$ 75 each

Premium select queens are the top 1-3% of our stock; they are hand-picked by the beekeeper for their exceptional brood pattern, hygienic behavior and size.


Note: Orders of less than 10 queens are shipped with fresh attendants in a 3 hole cage with candy plug for easy introduction. All queen orders of 10 or more will be shipped in standard battery boxes in California mini cages with fresh attendants, marked queens, and candy tubes. Upon request, we will place larger orders in 3 hole cages with attendants for an additional charge of $3 per queen. 


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