2017 Nucs will be ready this spring!

If you would like to pick up here in the Rogue Valley, you can order through our website. Or give us a call at 541-582-2337 and we will get you on the list. The available pick up dates are May 6th (sold out)  May 26th   (sold out)  June 3rd. These dates are subject to change and are “first come/first served’.  Online orders at are for pick up in Rogue Valley only!

Oregon Distributors:

Pick up in Corvallis, order online at ShonnardS or call 541-929-3524.

Pick up in Portland, order online at Bridgetown Bees.

Washington Distributors:

Pick up in Spokane, order online at

Pick up in Snohomish, call SnoHo Bee Co. at 360-568-2191 or email

Please come ready to inspect your nuc.  There will be a beekeeper on site to help you secure your bees.  They will be able to answer your questions and help you ready the bees for transport.  It is helpful to bring a sheet or mesh laundry bag if you are transporting inside your vehicle.

For those picking up in the a.m., make sure the bees are well ventilated.  The back of a truck is ideal.  If it’s going to be a warm day and you have several hours of travel time, we suggest you pick up in the evening and drive them home at night.  Bees run the risk of overheating if it gets too hot.  It is heartbreaking to get home and find them dead from the heat.  Old SOl is not responsible for the bees once they leave the bee yard.

As beekeepers, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Which means sometimes we have to change the anticipated date of pick up.  We will do our best to give you as much advance notice as possible.

Prices are subject to change.

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