2018 Queens SOLD OUT!  Please send us an email or leave a message to reserve 2019 queens. 541-582-2337






By Agreeing to purchase the following terms of service shall apply:


  • 30% deposit is required to place an order.

  • Full payment is expected before nucs can be taken.  We do take cash, major credit cards (except AE) and checks.  There is a $40 charge for ISF checks.

  • Damage during transport is the purchaser’s responsibility.

  • Delivery dates and prices may be subject to change due to forces beyond our control.

  • Deposits may only be refunded in the event of a price change.

  • Nucs must be picked up in the morning before the bees fly; or in the evening when they come back.  The beekeeper will set up a time with you.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • Delivery fees for nucs are $3.00 per mile, with a minimum purchase of $5,000.

  • Queens are shipped in three hole cages for orders of 10 or fewer….orders of 11 or more are in CA mini cages. There is a $3 charge per queen if you require three hole cages for orders of 11 or more.


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