NW Professionals in Queen Production and Agricultural Pollination

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Untitled1.jpgThrough knowledge, wisdom, education, and innovation, Old Sol Enterprises strives to reduce the negative impacts of modern agriculture in an effort to preserve biodiversity and quality of life for all generations in all regions by implementing and sharing healthy farming practices whenever and wherever possible. In essence, Old Sol Enterprises leads by example and demonstrates that healthy sustainable food production can be profitable.

 Old Sol Enterprises is a family run business that has striven to promote sustainable agriculture and a healthy environment since its inception in 1997.

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The pursuit of these endeavors has taken our family down many interesting and enlightening paths which have allowed Old Sol’s founder, John Jacob, to follow his deepest convictions by expanding and utilizing his educational background (B.S. in Biology, with Minors in Chemistry and Economics).​

We recognize that sustainable agriculture and a clean, healthy environment will require our global culture adopting a new paradigm; especially in developing countries. Elements of this new model must include an Integrate​d Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest management, support of local businesses, and many elements of organic farming.